About Ginny and The Good Life

What do I mean by, “The Good Life”?

The Good Life is the life I want to lead.  For me, that means a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle for my family.  Our dream is a beyond-organic rural homestead, complete with cows, chickens and a bounteous garden.  My husband and I spend our evenings contemplating underground houses, gray water systems and chicken tractors.  We’re not there yet.  Not by a long shot.  We live on a cul de sac in a small Mississippi city.  But, we’ve made it a long way from the wee Seattle apartment where we started our life together.  We have a productive garden, meat rabbits, and three brilliant homeschooled kids who share our dream of the good life.  I cook almost entirely from scratch and am constantly learning new skills to develop my homemaking/homesteading skill set.

Who am I and what do I do?

My name is Ginny.  I’m a 33 year-old homemaker, home educator, wife and mama.  I have a graduate degree in psychology, which I used, working part-time as a psychotherapist, for several years before our move south.  I’ve also trained and worked as a postpartum and birth doula.  Before marriage and kids I worked in ministry, serving as an outreach worker to the homeless and assisting in a church plant.  I love counseling and working with mamas and babies, but have a strong sense that my primary ministry calling these days is domestic.  My journey to this place was fraught with self-doubt and failures, and I am still learning.

What is this blog about, anyway?

Food, family and farm dreams is my current tagline.  My foodie topics will cover cooking real food – meals that are from scratch, locally-based and simply delicious.  All of my recipes are gluten free and prepared on a budget.  I will share shortcuts and helps I’ve learned the hard way in my decade-plus of whole foods cooking.

My role as a wife and mama is central to who I am.  “Family” is a natural topic for me, and you will not be spared occasional gushing about my husband and kids.  I’ve still got a lot to learn, though.  If you are looking for an expert who has it all together, this is not the blog for you.  Here I’ll share what’s working and what hasn’t in marriage, discipline and homeschooling.

Farm dreaming is the heart of this blog.  I’m a country girl wannabe and spend a great deal of my time and energy working towards a self-sufficient homestead.  I’ll share what I’m learning about gardening, livestock, rural property, herbal healing and preparedness.  Expect to get dirty – compost, creepy crawlies and backyard butchery are hot topics here!


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