Afternoon Snack: Nori Crisps


Tiny with a nori crisp. Also, my thumb.

My kids love this stuff. Sometime in college, I found a recipe the back of a package of sushi nori and hit upon this cheap, healthful snack. What we call nori crisps is known as “gim” (or kim) to Koreans and has been catching on lately as a mainstream American snack food. You may have picked up a small package of roasted seaweed and been left wishing for more of the finger-licking deliciousness.


The Boy snacking on two wheels.

No need to run off to the store! This recipe requires three ingredients, five minutes of your time, and a few pennies worth of pantry staples.

Nori Crisps (Makes a snack-sized portion for a few kids)

3 sheets sushi nori
sesame oil
sea salt

Preheat your broiler (or not). Put nori sheets, smooth side up on a baking sheet. I can fit three, with one sheet cut in half.


Drizzle with a bit of sesame oil. I use about 1 1/2 T per three sheets, but never measure. Using a pastry brush, even out the sesame oil so the sheets are covered. Don’t flip them – one side is all you need to cover. Now sprinkle lightly with sea salt. Place baking sheet six inches under broiler (turn it on high if you haven’t done this yet) and wait about four minutes (or eight if you forgot to preheat). Don’t let them burn! They are ready when crisp and starting to change color. 20130903-205730.jpg

Let cool. Cut into squares and serve. Now start the next batch because everyone will want seconds.


Bean loves ‘em, too.






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